The past week has been absolutely wonderful in Italy. I'm very fortunate to have such a lovely (soon to be) family in law. Living in one of the most beautiful places of Europe. Getting fully pampered by the family and eating the most delicious food. For me this truly has become the ultimate Christmas feeling. Besides visiting all the family members and lovely dinners, I also had a lot of time for reflection in the mornings. Being out of it all always gives new inspirations, ideas and insights. This week it was even coupled with some interesting external developments that could change everything for me. As an exchange of gifts, Melissa, participant in the Flow Hustles pilot, did an extensive astrologic reading for me. In it she analysed the influence of certain planet transits (passing by) on my life round the past and coming years. In it she presented some impactful discoveries around the coming few months. And I believe to have already been experiencing the first wave of that in the past week. Let's dig in! # The Original Bitcoin Has Taken Off As most of you know, I'm an avid BSV devotee. What I believe to be the original Bitcoin and the enabler of a new golden age for humanity. I'm not going to repeat the entire story around why I believe that to be the case. But it seems like things are finally lining up for a mayor breakthrough. Key evidence is provided in a mayor lawsuit that is coming up in February. This lawsuit is going to settle if Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto for once and for all. And it seems like the news of the new evidence has caught on to the Korean crypto market. The past week the value of the BSV has doubled and the price action seems to be sustained. Some heavy price suppression is going on by the parties that are trying to contain this. But it seems like they are not able to hold the gates for much longer. If the dam breaks in the coming weeks, 2024 is going to be a very interesting year. I've personally been preparing for this scenario for a while and the opportunities it could open up for me are wild. Especially with the foundation that has been laid in the past year. # My Vision For 2024 The past week I've created an extensive vision board for the coming year. Which will take to long to fully cover, but you can check it out here: [[My Wheel Of Life For 2024]] I've added the two main video's, that helped me this year, in the main email. It was a very fun exercise, that is getting me extremely excited. I will cover the visioning behind the main themes here: ## Work The ultimate aim for the past year was to discover how I want go about my career as a freelancer. Making sure that I can both sustain myself financially and pursue further spiritual growth. With the latter also meaning to share what I learned with others. After having started in all the wrong ways last year, I've come to figure out what is the right approach for me and how to go about it properly. I've learned that the travel vlog on YT combines my passions for travelling and spiritually perfectly. And that I need to have much more of a lean and bottom-up approach around developing products or services. On the freelancing side I've created a wonderful opportunity with the network of entrepreneurs I've entered. Which is something that only really dawned on me in the last weeks of the year, around the Winter Solstice. Having this interaction in the really world and experiencing the fun of entrepreneuring and business is something that I wouldn't want to miss. So I really want to strive for a balance between online and offline business. Not just becoming a YouTuber alone. I learned that the combination of the two if what really holds the key to a successful future. Having an online audience to lever in your real-life business will be the ultimate superpower. It already is! **This is why I've decided to focus 2024 on becoming a Bitcoin entrepreneur.** With setting up the YT channel in the background to slowly build an online audience, and grow this newsletter, over time. For which the many trips that are planned this year will offer plenty of footage. Keeping op the daily writing habit in the early mornings to steadily work on the book and incorporate all the gained insights from the trips. I will aim to utilise the network of entrepreneurs I entered this year to pitch my Bitcoin ideas. With a digital payment service for charging electric vehicles within Park&Charge. And further exploring the possibilities for a Bitcoin mining farm with another connection I made this year. For which both ideas I will focus on small Proof of Concepts, while the lawsuits and mainstream awareness is developing over the year. ## Relationships The past week was also full of inspiration for the sabbatical and wedding that I'm planning with Nina. We took the time to visit different venues in the Prosecco hills of Italy. We fell in love in with one place and are getting super excited around planning the ultimate celebration of our love there. Which will probably happen around September - October in 2025. So the goal for this year is settling on the location. In the drive to Italy, we had ample time to discuss all kinds of plans and goals. Getting us a bit further with settling on the itinerary for our sabbatical this summer. This will be an epic mystical quest through the great Himalayan mountain range. Offering ample footage to make the new YouTube channel go viral and reach large numbers of spiritual seekers. ## Body, Mind & Soul The first month of that trip will be spent in Mysore, India. Where I will take my Ashtanga Yoga practice to the next level. Hoping to also deepen my practice in meditation and breath work. Which will reinvigorate the dedication to my spiritual growth. Besides cleaning myself from the inside I'm also setting out to take better care for myself on the outside this year. I've haven't been taking care of myself to well the past few years. In a sense of personal hygiene and grooming. The past week this really hit home for me and felt a strong sense to improve this for myself. I'm fully aware that taking proper care of the way you look is a way to show love for yourself. So I'm going to be serious about making myself feel like a real gentlemen this year. Those are the main themes that I want to shine a light on. There are a few more things and details that I left out which you could check in the vision board yourself. But this should be enough to give a feel of what will be in store for the coming year. Off course I will continue with these weekly journal entries to keep you in the look on how this is actually working out. Hopefully, by making you a part of my goal-setting / life cultivation process, you can learn a thing or two to apply for yourself. Have an amazing new year!! Take care, Ben