The Winter Solstice is coming up, so it's time for a quarterly report on my goals for the past three months. I'm constantly refining my systems. The fixed format of the main goals as headers is working well to keep track. Plus, with the system in Obsidian, it's easy to get a grasp on each of them in a moment of revision like now. The coming weeks will consist of following my existing system of wrapping up the year. With the wrap-up of this season in the current entry. The big wrap-up of the year will follow over the Christmas days. And the new intentions to set, following from all the reflecting, will come around in the New Year. So without any further ago, let's dig in. The Fall Equinox was a very powerful one for me and led to the birth of a few new things. Around that period new ideas quickly followed each other up. Leading to the conception of the Flow Hustles coaching program. # [[Flow Hustles - Coaching Program]] The goal was to run the Flow Hustles coaching program as a pilot. Getting a feel for what it's like and testing some first assumptions. I tend to want to do too much and make things too complex. So it was great that I could test some first ideas with amazing supportive friends. I'm very grateful for their participation and already received some valuable insights from them. I have learned that I should keep things simpler by mostly providing accountability for developing a journalling habit. The most interesting breakthroughs of the participants were gained through doing the inner work with journaling. And reflecting on it together through creating a safe space to share. One of the coolest aspects was that the participants were already on their path of spiritual growth. Which results in many synchronistic and energetically powerful experiences together. That resulted in many fun and fulfilling moments together. Through daily online writing, I also collected several data points that I should focus on journalling as the central theme of my Flow Hustle. # [[The Newsletter]] The daily writing was of course part of the Ship 30 for 30 writing course that I set out to do this season. The main goal there was to grow my audience outside of my circle of friends and family. And by following the lessons of the program I've most definitely learned what audience I want to focus on (the online creators interested in spiritual growth). But I don't believe that writing on Twitter is my jam, nor on LinkedIn for that matter. Simply because I haven't gained much traction with new subscribers over the entire year. But all of it had an undeniable advantage in gaining clarity on where I want to take things. Plus, it developed a consistent daily habit that I'm now benefitting from in writing my book. And I feel that the quality of my writing also has greatly improved. Gaining all this new insight into online writing also resulted in a new iteration of the apps I use. I came to terms with the fact that having my full-scale blogging website was not the right fit for where I'm currently at. The real party is happening on social media platforms and people are not coming to your unknown house party if you're not one of the cool guys yet. So I've downsized to something more appropriate and affordable, fully focussed on the newsletter. The newsletter will remain the one consistent factor in everything I do. The new engagement funnel I've introduced in the past few weeks will become the next experiment. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. But I'm convinced that I'm getting closer with every step that I'm taking. It's simply a matter of time and persistence. # [[The Book]] Through the Ship 30 for 30 writing course, I was also able to make a worthy start on the book I'm writing. By now I can confidently say that I'm writing a book and not just trying anymore. With the daily essays I've produced through the course, I've managed to finish almost all the thinking that had to go into the book. And in the last few weeks, I've been glueing the pieces together quite efficiently. It's not even so much the content I've produced, but the daily writing habit I've cultivated which is the most important. Slowly but surely being a writer is becoming part of my identity. Having found The Bookstore where I can sit down and be in a writing flow for a couple of hours, is something I'm enjoying greatly. This is because I already have the book outline complete and know exactly what I'm going to write about each time. I just have to let it flow out. The initial goal of having the book finished by the end of the year is not going to happen. But it did help me to get going. Now that things are flowing it's just a matter of riding the wave. I decided to lift this project from a deadline entirely and just make it as great as it can be. # [[The Travel Vlog]] Having realised that LinkedIn and Twitter aren't my jam, I do have high hopes for YouTube. Starting the production of my travel vlog has gotten me very enthusiastic about it. I could have guessed that YT was the right place for me, but I first had to understand what I wanted to do on it. Which is why I needed this year of public journalling and experimenting to figure it out. Of course, we still need to see it confirmed. But I'm enjoying everything about the process. The travelling, the spiritual experiences, the artistic outlet, working with the video editor, everything. Which makes it realistic that I can keep it up for a while. The goal was to start and I have the feeling it's a keeper! # [[Freelancing]] The fact remains that this is probably going to stay a part-time thing for quite a while. Which is not a problem at all. Since I'm able to strike a perfect balance with my freelancing assignments for now. Having a lot of fun and feeling like I'm making myself directly useful as well. I'm vibing very well with my current clients, which grants me a very fortunate position for future assignments. The ISO9001 assignment will be finished next week. With the official certification audit on Monday and Tuesday. And the next assignment, of a similar nature, is already being lined up. Next to that I also started The Source Mastery Program this season. Which didn't hold any direct goal for now, since it's a 9-month program. But it's giving me lots of inspiration for my endeavours. And a great group of peers to build a professional network with. So all goals on that end are checked as well. # [[Ashtanga Yoga]] The progress I made in my yoga practice this year is another great achievement. I'm very proud to keep up my daily practice as well as I can. Due to all kinds of external reasons, it doesn't always allow me to practice 6 days per week. But I'm very content with how things are going. The only thing is that I'm still missing the meditation component in my practice. But that's something I take into the coming year. That's it. The final balance on my goals for the past three months. It was a busy period and lots of work was done. With very satisfactory results. Now we're heading into a calmer more reflective period. And I'm looking forward to winding down with the family, over de coming holidays. Knowing that I'll renew my energies for the coming year. I wish the same for all of you! Take care, Ben