After an amazing week in the pleasurable "The Land Of Oz", we've returned home safe. What feels like a mere dream now, will forever remain as an amazing memory of friendship, adventure and spiritual growth. On a small scale, this trip represented a few important life lessons and it was very enjoyable to capture them on camera in an original way. With a special mention to Hajo and Ivana for starring in this vlogging adventure! It was Hajo that triggered my mind to explore a specific fairytale angle and I feel it was a raging success! Let me explain, to the people that weren't there. ### Skiing In The Land Of Oz Last week we went on a skiing holiday with a group of friends from Uni. A wide variety of people from all corners of the earth. And an ideal dissection of all different skiing levels to keep it fun for everybody. We went to the little village of Oz en Osians in the larger ski resort of Alpe d'Huez. My first expectations for this to end up as actual vlog material were low. Since there was no clear spiritual intention behind the trip. Just to have fun skiing and partying with good friends. But I did bring my camera cause at the very least it was good practice and the material would be nice for the memories. But a narrative started to unravel quickly after Hajo brought up what was initially a word joke on the little village where we would be staying. Over the week I did some research on the esoteric meaning behind the story of "The Wizard Of Oz" because I was aware there was one. And we even ended up watching the original movie together as well. The synchronicities aligned one by one and with a little imagination and messing around, we managed to capture footage for what I think will be an amazing episode. Of course, I won't go into full detail here because it will spoil the surprise for the episode. However, there are a few insights and developments that I would like to share. ## [[The Travel Vlog]] By taking this story as the main theme of the episode I realised that fairytales in general could be a huge source of inspiration in the future. There's always a moral to such a story and these writers almost always will have been part of some kind of hidden knowledge society. So they mask these esoteric concepts with the symbology and metaphors that will make it sound like children's stories. But under the surface, there is most definitely more going on. For example, the Pied Piper is also hugely symbolic and has lots of hidden history buried in it. By having such sources of inspiration I can be certain to never run out of inspiration. But obviously, these topics need to present themselves through synchronicities. I won't be choosing and forcing any of these narratives myself. Which will keep things also more exciting and surprising for me. Because I must say that I sincerely enjoy these creative processes tremendously. At the beginning of the week, I had no clue what I would be filming. Halfway throughout I couldn't tell how things would be coming together. And in the end, I'm super excited about how well it all played out and how valuable the messages are that have been communicated through it. I must honestly say that I enjoyed the vlogging parts even more than the skiing itself. Another hugely beneficial thing I've noticed throughout this process is the frame of reference I'm creating for myself with the book I'm writing. I've noticed that I could be quite articulate with the concepts I was trying to explain because of my prior thinking about them through writing. I felt I was able to state my points clearly and simply to understand. While the sources I used for inspiration used a lot more complicated explanations. We'll have to find out though if this is also how the audience will experience it. Throughout the week some interesting things happened on three of the money topics on [[My Wheel Of Life For 2024]]. These developments interestingly aligned with a key moment in the week. But again, I don't want to spoil that surprise right away. So I will just briefly touch upon them now, without that context. ## [[The Estate In Lage Mierde]] We finally received a serious bid on the house of my parents which is part of the inheritance. This is major news because It's already on sale for a few months without much serious interest. But now things seem to be moving in a promising direction. So let's see if we can agree upon a worthy value for the estate. Fingers crossed! ## [[Freelancing]] My current client Park&Charge asked me to help them out with another ISO certification. This time it's about developing and certifying a cybersecurity management system. This is a topic that is quite new to me but would love to learn more about it. Especially because it is so relevant to the blockchain technology proposal I'm exploring with them. Learning more about this will be very valuable for me in the long run. ## [[The Original Bitcoin (BSV)]] The whole week I've also been closely monitoring any kind of developments about the Bitcoin lawsuit that is starting next week. A major development occurred this past week, with Meta (formerly Facebook), pulling out of the trail. They are one of the companies in the opposing alliance that is suing Craig Wright for his claims on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Which is of course a very weak sign for that side, and a very strong sign for the BSV team. The outcome of this lawsuit will largely influence what this year is going to look like for me. So in the coming weeks, it will have my full attention and I'll make sure to have popcorn ready! Lots of exciting new things were triggered during this little getaway and I'm looking forward to facing them with fresh energy. Take care, Ben