The coming weeks, towards the Winter Solstice, will be about reflecting on the goals I started with this year. One of those experiments was to improve my eyesight by training my eyes, for which I have a short update as well: #### New Glasses It got lost a bit "out of sight" (pun intended), because I've been wearing the same glasses for a while. This is because, with the second pair, I got a bit overzealous. And took a too-large step in bringing down the cylinder. Which wasn't comfortable to wear, so I stuck with the first pair. It is a matter of trying what works of course. But, to be honest, I didn't like that first pair too much. They were just cheap and helpful to see if the theory worked. Which it most definitely did. So last week I ordered a pair that's a bit nicer, with a more appropriate step in bringing down my prescription. And with these new glasses, it's working perfectly again. So far I brought back my diopter value from +2.50 (both sides) to +0.75. And brought the cylinder back from -3.25 R and -2,50 L to both -2.50. Right now I'm wearing glasses I also like, so I'm pleased with looking sharp in time for the festive days! Let's take a look a the developments of the past week with fresh eyes. ## [[Flow Hustles - Coaching Program]] Nearing the Winter Solstice also means nearing the end of the pilot program for Flow Hustles. Everybody is preparing to wrap up the lessons and insights they've gained. On both the business- and the emotional side of the side hustle. So that it can be celebrated around the Solstice. Over the winter, till the Spring Equinox, I will work to incorporate my lessons and update my systems to have everything set for the next building season. At the start of this week, I made a roadmap for the coming three months on how to combine the different projects. In which I initially also had the intention to finish the book. ## [[The Book]] I found [a great resource on writing a book on the side](, which helped me to make a plan. This gave great insight into the different aspects I should keep in mind. And how to best go about it all. He also brought up that creativity shouldn't be forced into a deadline. Which I felt very similar about while making that roadmap. Now I have this daily writing routine established, I should just continue writing and maybe not try to force anything. The fact that I know I will progress, through this new habit, is already reassuring me enough. Because with it, it will get done eventually. I had some good writing sessions this week. Starting well, on Monday, with revising the outline and updating the ideas. You can find the progress I made through the links in the main newsletter email. I've also found the perfect place to focus, in a cosy bookstore/coffee bar in The Hague. Where I had a great writing session on Friday which worked out very well. It could become the perfect place to start associating with a deep focus on the book. But as I said I just want that to flow out as it goes, without any external pressure. ## [[The Travel Vlog]] The main projects I want to finish over the Winter will be the educational email course and the travel vlog. The vlog is supposed to lead people to the email course, so it fits to develop those at the same time. They should learn about new spiritual concepts in the vlog, which gets them inspired to pursue spiritual growth for themselves. #### Setting Myself Apart From The Competition This is also how I want to distinguish myself from other travel vloggers on YouTube. People should feel that they benefit from watching my videos. That they achieved something by spending their precious time with my content. That it's making an active contribution to their spiritual growth. These days, I've been doing a lot of "YouTube research" on fellow travel vloggers. Which are mostly about getting cute girls on camera so guys click the provocative thumbnail. Still, You stay because you can see and learn about new parts of the world. But I feel it needs more. It needs to awaken something, it needs to inspire and enlighten. #### F The Algo's During a short break from writing this journal entry, I stumbled upon a great video by Ali Abdaal. (Shared in the main newsletter email.) It came very synchronistically and fully healed some of the things I was struggling with in my mind. Because I had subconsciously accepted that I had to become consistent to be successful. And I didn't know how I was going to guarantee that based on the concept of inconsistent trips. But after watching Ali, I got comfortable with the choice of not having to be consistent. And maybe leave some potential audience growth on the table. I don't need to let the YT algorithms dictate my life. Just upload stuff whenever it works out. Doing it as play. Which also was an important theme in the Flow Hustles pilot. Just as with the decision to lift the book deadline, simply doing what feels good. After all, I don't need any of this to replace my job. I'm highly enjoying my current part-time occupation. Which is bringing in enough money to provide everything I could wish for at this point. I would probably need to make more when children are added to the equation, but we'll see how things are fairing by the time we reach that point. ## [[Freelancing]] This realisation through Ali's video resonated with me, because of an interesting sensation I experienced earlier this week. Past Sunday I had this strange day that felt completely wasted. Because nothing I had in mind worked out. And eventually, I ended up doing virtually nothing that day. But on Monday morning I worked on a business process modelling assignment for the Municipality of Amsterdam. It was the perfect antidote to the slump I had experienced the day before. And truly appreciated the feeling of making myself directly useful through that assignment. It made me realise that this part-time freelance solution strikes a perfect chord. Where it provides me with the opportunity to do what I believe to be important in my side projects. While still feeling directly useful, in an enjoyable way, through the freelancing work I'm doing. This is exactly what Ali is mentioning to be the ideal balance in hindsight for him. ## [[Ashtanga Yoga]] To round things up I also want to make use of this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Astrid. My yoga teacher of the past year is leaving her Shala due to personal reasons. And I'm very grateful for her support in the other half that contributed to my transformation this year. Ashtanga Yoga. Thanks to her, I have been able to develop it into a daily practice this year as well. Almost being able to perform the entire primary series. Hopefully, I will be able to do the whole thing by the end of the year. Which will be a significant achievement! ## [[Nina]] Lastly, I can't wait to pick up Chiara from the airport tonight. I've missed her tremendously. Through the past two weeks, I got to realise how much value she's adding to my life. Which is of course also a good experience in itself. The main two things I noticed were the following: 1. She is responsible for almost all social interactions in my life. Something I have let completely slip away myself. Leading to quite an isolated experience these past weeks. 2. Having her around truly balances my emotions much more harmoniously. Having a much harder time dealing with my shadows, by being alone. But I succeeded in staying in control through my own means, which is something I'm also very proud of. But this extra appreciation for her will do well in the coming festive days! And I hope all of you also have your things to be grateful for, about this year. I wish you all the best in cherishing them in the coming weeks. Take care, Ben