Today's update will be a concise one, since we're on a skiing holiday with friends from uni. The more time I spent typing, the less I'll be able to spent on the pistes of the French Alps. A first time for me to spent an entire week in a resort like this. The nature is breathtaking and the skies super clear and sunny. A perfect opportunity to mess around some more with travel vlogging. We're here with a fun bunch of people that should make up for some entertaining content. Not necessarily the most spiritual setting. But a interesting narrative is already unfolding. The creative aspect of working with what you get is really fun. Some interesting ideas are already developing. And I'm really looking forward to see it evolve the coming days. At the very least, it's good to get some practice in and further mature my workflow. Especially now I have some more experience with the editing process. So that will help with becoming more conscious about what and how to record footage. So let's quickly dive in the best of last week. ## Park & Charge The thing I was most excited about this week was the Bitcoin proposal I got to develop for P&C. Tuesday, on the way back home from their office I was listening to a great podcast with Tony Robbins. I don't recall exactly what it was they said, but after the drive I was full of inspiration that I could put in the proposal. This guy has a special ability to unlock energy in people. Before the drive, the proposal was just about how to save money with that solution. And after I had all kinds of interesting ideas on how to use the data in new interesting ways. The process of developing this proposal really got my entrepreneurial blood flowing again. It reminded me of my time at uni, trying to get things of the ground. But this time I feel that things are looking far more promising. I didn't expect to get this to be done so quick, but once you're in the flow you need to make use of it! ## The Book The proposal wasn't the only thing I managed to finish before this little getaway. Also for the book I managed to finish the Inner Work chapter I worked on the last few weeks: [[What Inner Work Means]]. And I developed a graphic that I'm quite proud of. It will help to tie the whole book together. So the next step is to blend that in with the existing chapters. ## Inner Work A theme got introduced to these weeks, that is occupying my mind a lot. Already with the boxing I mentioned that I'm using it to get more in touch with my masculinity. This theme extended with learning more about the inner masculine and feminine. Which is bringing up lots of really interesting new insights and understanding. Something I might go deeper into in a later stage when I have a few more results to share. ## Self-care Friday we had our cleaner coming by for the first time. It all clicked very well and we're very happy to have this settled. I could already notice the beneficial effect that a clean house has on our mental state. Good to check off this new years resolution already. Especially now we have so many dogs over that are contributing their fair share to the mess. ## Nina Nina continues to go strong with bringing over all these new friends for Byron. We had a few intense experiences with a rescue dog called Togo. It was interesting to notice how different he reacted towards me and Nina. After a nightmare scenario with her last week, he was super chill with me this week. Also with all these other dogs I'm noticing some interesting things intuition wise. So maybe I'm developing some extra-sensory capabilities by getting more in tune with Source that are helping me to connect with these amazing creatures. I'm really liking this little intuitive exploration. All things I will go deeper into when I have more time for it. Now it's time to get on the piste! Take care, Ben