This week had some amazing energy that pushed things further in the right direction on many different fronts. It got a bit hectic here and there, but overall the outcomes were very positive. New work assignments, entrepreneurial opportunities, inner work experiments, writing inspiration, yoga teaching. It seems that ALL my efforts are catching momentum in these first weeks of the year. And I blame this consistent journalling habit. It helps so well in determining which things to take action on. And allows me to keep it all together, to maintain focus and be clear-headed. While all simultaneously letting things flow and aligning with how life comes to me. Succeeding in making this a consistent, unbreakable habit has been fundamental to the success I'm about to share with you in my update. Let's build it up from day to day. ### [[The Book]] Monday-afternoon I was experiencing another amazing writing flow-state for the book. I'm currently working on a chapter about inner work and I'm almost finished with it. On the drive home from Italy, after the holidays, I gathered some cool insights for a diagram I want to use in my book. It will integrate a lot of different concepts in a very coherent whole. Back then, in the car, I knew I was still missing a link. And I found it this Monday! The whole thing is coming together very beautifully. I believe that I am contributing some truly novel thinking by combining different psychological concepts. Into a visualised framework that can be easily understood and explained. I won't go into detail in this journal entry, but you will see the finished chapter soon enough. ### [[Municipality Of Amsterdam]] On Tuesday I landed a big new assignment at the Municipality of Amsterdam, together with Oxand. We sat down with the director of the project management department and had a very good conversation. They want to develop a similar solution as I worked on at the spatial planning department before. And I can be involved in more of an expert kind of role. It was very nice to be in a sales meeting with my ex-colleague Sander again. ### [[Inner Work]] On Wednesday I tried boxing for the first time in my life. Something I honestly never would have thought to be into, but I liked it a lot for a specific reason. That has to do with things I'm learning about myself through the inner work video's I'm watching. And a nice synchronicity that occurred at the yoga Shala this week. Through [this video](, which I've also shared in the main email, I started to realise that I'm not very much in tune with the anger, rage and aggression side of myself. It's very difficult for me to get angry. This might sound funny at first, but let me explain. I can get angry naturally when the situation calls for it. But I'm not able to use a more aggressive side of myself in a controllable way when it could be useful. In Jungian terms, it is my warrior archetype that is overall quite dormant. As a kid, I was always very afraid of getting into fights. I was a wimpy little kid, that couldn't handle blood and pain very well. So I avoided situations that might involve these things. Telling myself that it's better not to use violence. Which of course is generally true, but never experiencing these things also doesn't allow you to use these qualities beneficially. The key is to channel aggression and anger in a way that is purposeful, constructive, and focused on achieving positive outcomes, rather than causing harm. One would, for example, be able to assert more urgency in specific negotiations or leadership scenarios. I'm curious to see if getting more in touch with these sides of me might unlock something that I didn't know was there. After yoga, I talked with a girl who was trying out all kinds of different sports in The Hague. She recommended a boxing school in The Hague that she had visited earlier that week. An authentic place with a very affordable arrangement. I booked an introduction class that very same day and it tasted like more! For a short moment, during the training, I landed in a trance-like state while hitting the gloves of my opponent. Which was cool. I can already tell that having learned how to throw a few basic punches did a lot for my self-confidence. I intend to go once a week and will keep you posted on further insights this might unlock for me. ### [[The Attic Yoga Community]] Thursday was a very hectic day, in our new career path as dog-sitters, on which a lot of different things happened. In the morning, after my practice, I got offered to consider giving beginner lessons in Ashtanga yoga at my Shala. This is a seed that has been growing over the past few months and I think I could enjoy doing so. Initially, I thought I would first go to practice in India over the summer and see from there. But I probably shouldn't ignore this opening opportunity either. So I said yes to let's see where it ends up. ### [[Park&Charge]] Thursday evening I had an amazing dinner with my client Jeroen, to celebrate our ISO9001 achievement of last year. I had the intention to pitch him my ideas on BSV and what it could mean for Park&Charge. With the hope that he would allow me to develop a proposal. But things turned out even better. Not only was he enthusiastic about exploring the potential for P&C. He got so intrigued with the potential of BSV for the future that he offered to get involved to a much wider extent. He was also interested in the mining plans I'm developing with Peter, the auditor, [as discussed here]( And maybe even develop a business plan together in the future. All of us are still involved in our current affairs. But if these small first steps turn out to be promising and if the Bitcoin lawsuit turns out in our favour. We can take larger action together towards the end of the year. The expertise, experience and network of both these men is incredible. And with the two of them on board, they stand to benefit from each other as well. Through the audit, we already learned that there's a good click amongst us. And the timing on all of this seems to synchronise perfectly. So at this point, it seems like a "match made in heaven". The first moves of the chess pieces are made. Now it's time to take the next steps and develop the actual plans and proposals that decisions can be based on. Decisions that we can start to execute in the coming Spring season. ### [[Self Care]] Friday was a bit more about recovering from all the crazy developments that happened this week. We found a cleaning lady who came by that afternoon and everything seemed to click well. I have a feeling this will add a lot of living pleasure to our lives. So we're happy to have covered that New Year's resolution as well. During the weekend we took more action on our sabbatical and wedding as well. It's quite unbelievable how much there is to be excited about this coming year. Take care, Ben