The past yearly reflection did a lot for the maturation of my journalling system. I'm excited to see things evolving into something that could also be valuable to others. Plus the habit of writing weekly is tremendously helpful in spreading the load of so much reflection and planning around this period. This time it barely felt like an extra burden. During the Solstice window, it was remarkable how I received new insights for each of the topics I used as headers in the weekly entries leading up to it. As if the consistent weekly focus on each of these topics helped me to subconsciously tune into very specific information during such a potent energetic event. This is a hypothesis that I will keep on testing in the coming year. One other useful tool that I started using this year is [the Astrology planner I have mentioned before]( It gives me the energetic theme for each week of 2024. I copy this into my productivity system to be reminded of it during the week. And this week it was spot on! Especially the fact that Mercury is "stationing direct" was very noticeable to me. In that, I was able to move forward with my new plans with strength and resolve. Leading to some remarkable first wins. Being able to intentionally tune into things like this is quite peculiar. It gives a certain effortless ease to life that is hard to explain. Simply best to be experienced, if you want to understand. #### Full Control Over My Life One other thing on my mind these days is the amazing difference between being an employee and an independent freelancer. A whole range of new opportunities becomes available once you're playing on the same level as other entrepreneurs. These people simply have a different mentality to life. Because each of us has full control over how to spend our time and money, By having access to successful entrepreneurs doors open up much more easily. The people I had the pleasure to meet and work with last year, are coming with a huge amount of potential I'm able to tap into this year. I made the very conscious decision to not let that potential go to waste. And focus more on my freelancing in the coming period. And a bit less on my side hustle. This feels right because I truly feel I accomplished figuring out what and how to go about my side hustle in the past year. Just like the refreshing dive with Hajo and Egor on New Years Day, let's jump in! ## [[The Newsletter]] Since I feel that I am onto something with my journalling system, I decided to make that my core side hustle product. [[Yours To Source - Journalling Email Course]] is going full steam ahead. I'm aiming to have it finished with the release of the first travel vlog season. So together it can become the main engine to drive more audience to this newsletter. The place where people can see the system in action. I've enjoyed some wonderful flow states again this week by working in The Bookstore Café. It's great to have a designated space to associate with working specifically on my side hustle. Creating good vibes around the projects. To keep them fun and look forward to working on it. I did the same for my freelancing work by renovating my working space at home. ## [[Self Care]] As part of my personal hygiëne quest this year, I decided to "Swedish death clean" the apartment. This means filtering out all the stuff that you wouldn't want to let your descendants go through in case you passed away. Which is a sentiment that stuck for the past year. And I started this week with my working studio. During Christmas, I also got some inspiration to improve the Feng Shui in our apartment. So why not combine the two while I'm at it! With cleaning out our elderly home, I took a helpful book home on this topic, from my mom. It was moving to see the marks she left on the pages considering student apartments. Since she always put a lot of effort into decorating these new living spaces with us. Applying these concepts to my working area has significantly improved my experience in that room. Before I was never very eager to move to that room and work there. But after a few strategic rearrangements, I can't wait to go and work there in the morning. It's remarkable how well that stuff works. The power of Chi was also noticed differently this week. ## [[Ashtanga Yoga]] After having written [the last chapters of my book a few things on this topic of Life Force]( got refreshed for me. During my Yoga sessions, I often experience new ideas and insights flowing in. Based on the material I'm engaged with around that time. Last week I also had this flash of genius to try out a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for the knee ache I've been experiencing for a few months now. Which also aligned with improving my self-care. So I knocked on the door of one of these places in my neighbourhood. I could make an appointment for the same day. After a torturous massage, I was delighted to notice that it significantly alleviated the pain I was experiencing in my knee during certain yoga poses. I even made a new appointment for the next week to correct a few other Chi channels in my body as well. Having improved my knee, got me very excited about advancing with my series the coming year! But enough about Chi, let's talk about some "real" Bitcoin! ## [[The Original Bitcoin (BSV)]] At the beginning of this entry, I mentioned tapping into the potential of some new contacts I made in the past year. [I mentioned two Bitcoin-related business ideas last week]( that I want to explore in the coming year. To see if I can develop a Proof of Concept, or Pilot, for them. And potentially turn them into real businesses after that. So I threw out some lines straight away this week and one of them immediately bit. A few promising developments are lining up very synchronistically. Which could lead to the next step in professionalising my Bitcoin mining hobby. And I mean to an industrial level that would be incredible. I won't be going into much detail yet because plans are still way too fragile. But this could be huge and I was feeling euphoric at the end of the week. ## [[The Sabbatical]] & [[The Wedding]] Two other things that are also really driving up my excitement levels are our plans for the sabbatical and the wedding. We are organising these things in tandem right now because it requires quite some logistic and financial planning. The week in Italy helped us to get a lot more specific on these things. Leading to actions that should be taken right away and the related financial trade-offs. By becoming more concrete on specific locations, we got a much better feel for what things would be like. We confirmed our itineraries, started the first bookings and got a better idea of what to do with Byron (our dog). Making it all really come to life. As you can read, my first week of 2024 has started very strong! Certainly, many obstacles and divergences will be thrown up. But that doesn't me we can't enjoy this now moment. I hope you had a marvellous week as well! Take care, Ben