My first book is supposed to cover all the basic understanding for people to embark om their own path of spiritual growth. Here you can find the outline of the book I'm writing in public. ## Outline - [[Why I Wrote This And You Should Read It]] - Part I: Aligning With Source - [[How Everything Is Connected]] - [[How Source Expresses Itself Through Us]] - [[What Life Force Is]] - [[How Evilness And Enlightenment Exist Next To Each Other]] - [[What Expanding Our Consciousness Means]] - [[How Meditation Can Expand Our Consciousness]] - [[How Psychedelics Fit In]] - [[How Manifestation Works]] - [[How Synchronicities Work]] - [[Summary Of Part I, Aligning With Source]] - Part II: Doing The Work - [[What Inner Work Means]] - [[Journaling To Built A Relation With Source]] - [[How Money Work Fits In]] - [[What Living In The Gift Means]] - [[Summary Of Part II, Building A Relationship With Source]] - [[About The Author]] - [[Services By The Author]] - [[One More Thing Before You Go]] ---- This will become my manifesto, my masterpiece. Something that will grow and develop over time into a strong tree. Staying within the limits of the current outline. But adding to the chapters for clearer and more complete explanations. It will be published when I'm satisfied, but new versions can be uploaded anytime. It doesn't need to be finished anytime soon. Its meant to further develop my identity as a writer **Actions** - Waking up early, daily, to connect with Source and have the most effective downloads. - Have weekly writing sessions in the coffee bar. - Work in the inspirations of the sabbatical. Just as in Glastonbury. - Making all the graphics and visuals myself.