So we understood that our physical bodies, and every physical thing we experience, are a fragmented expression of the same core level of existence. But how can we know or prove that? Scientific proof for this statement will be hard to come by. The closest science that deals with these topics is Quantum Mechanics. But I intend to keep this book as accessible as possible. So the best way to go would be to lend credibility from other mystics who have dedicated their lives to these matters. #### Modern Mystics There are countless masters and gurus from the ancient Orient who are known to have experienced this core of our existence. But there aren't so many modern-day mystics that we could refer to. And if there are, then it's still unlikely you would find them through modern means of media. But through my recent interest in Ashtanga Yoga, I've come across one modern-day mystic who is still among us. He is even sharing his experiences in podcasts and books. His name is Gregor Maehle. He is a German Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, who has had mystical experiences since he was a child. Through his practice and study of Ashtanga Yoga, he has developed an understanding and ability to reach self-induced mystical states. In his book, Yoga Meditation, he gives a great description of one of his own mystical experiences. #### Gregor Maehle's Mystical Experience "I suddenly seemed to have the ability to see into deep space, and an unlimited number of solar systems, galaxies and universes was revealed to my eye. I saw worlds being created, flourishing and then decaying. I saw in all these worlds an immeasurable number of species developing, striving and evolving. Then I saw, suspended in the centre of this vista, a humungous, boundless Being. This Being appeared to have an infinity of arms with which it simultaneously maintained, carried, developed, created and reabsorbed an imponderable number of worlds, galaxies and universes. This Being was of fathomless knowledge, intelligence, beauty, love, freedom, truth and power. Through an infinity of languages, it emitted its knowledge simultaneously to all celestial species, races and cultures of beings that lived in all worlds. And it seemed as if all these trillions of discourses that went on simultaneously then merged into the one sound, OM. As this sound was emitted it gave birth to suns, planets and solar systems, and placed them in their orbits. It made electrons circle around their atomic nuclei, it gave rise to the laws of physics, and it produced DNA, including the human one." When I read this description of his experience I was awe-struck. Because it was such a well-formulated attempt at something I had experienced myself during a psychedelic trip. I was extra impressed because I know how hard it is to put these things into words. Simply because our words and sounds are too limiting to express everything that goes on in such a moment. Down here I will copy the part of my journal in I which covered that experience. #### My Mystical Experience "I had just experienced a wonderful orange light over the mountaintops from the sunrise. While lying down and watching the mountain rocks I started noticing that it didn't matter anymore if I opened or closed my eyes; I was seeing the same thing. Fractal patterns in everything. The rock formations, trees, branches, water crystals. I noticed my body pulsing in the same way as during deep meditations or healing sessions. It made me realise what this energy is that would flow through me in such moments: Sexual energy. The same thing as life force energy, chi, prana etc. There exists no difference, all experiences of bliss are caused by the same thing. Once I started connecting these geometrical fractal codes with this experience of life force energy gushing through my body, I started understanding that these are the visual (physical) and emotional expressions of exactly that same thing: Source. Everything physical, also our body, is made out of these fractal expressions able to work together as systems. Once this sank in I started to zoom out, experiencing an out-of-body experience inside this fractal cosmos of my mind. I started to see how zooming out from this fractal vortex resulted in connecting everything. Emotionally understanding what "we're all one" really means. But I kept maintaining my sense of self, just feeling like I was that spiralling vortex, both in and out! Out into Gaia, the Milky Way and the entire Cosmos. And in, into the smallest protons being small black holes and universes on itself again. It is me who has created all this, who is everything, and how my body is just a physical fractal expression that is inhabited by my life-force energy that flows through everything, and how this intelligently designed system of collaborating fractals, my body, can create its consciousness/reality." This is the exact way I wrote it down after an amazing experience in Samothraki, Greece. And I'm amazed by how similar Gregor is explaining the same concepts, but reading it about 2 years after my own experience. #### The Five Layers Model It is through another book by Gregor Maehle, "How To Find Your Divine Purpose", that I stumbled upon the Panchakoshamodel (five layers model). This model corresponds brilliantly with the onion metaphor I've used before. And comes in very handy to explain things simply. You can see it here. ![[The Five Layers Model.png]] The different layers represent the different sheaths, or bodies, of our entire being. ##### The Physical Body With the outer layer representing the physical body. Which is the most familiar aspect of our being. The ‘regular’ gross expression of our body that we can see, touch and feel. ##### The Energy Body Most people who have heard about "out-of-body experiences" are also familiar with the energetic, or astral, body. Life force is the vital energy which flows through and enlivens all our physical systems. The breath is the most physical expression of this energy. Working with the breath balances the flow of the life force to all the physical systems. Our energetic body is made up of energetic channels and centres that we'll get deeper into in the chapter [[How Meditation Can Expand Our Consciousness]]. ##### The Mental Body The third layer represents the mental body with the matching mental sheath. This layer of our being is expressed as thoughts, emotions, and feelings. These are the mental faculties with which we absorb, process, and interpret input from our environment. Registered through the senses of the physical body. This body should be seen as the supervisor in a factory, but often mistakenly takes on the role of manager. Gregor presents a very helpful way to think about these bodies in his book. Which he learned from studying the ancient Indian scriptures, like the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. #### The States Of Our Whole Body These scriptures explain that you should think of these bodies as the different states water can be in. - Like ice in its most solid and physical state. - Like liquid in its energetic state - Like gas in its mental state. With every deeper layer, the substance gets increasingly more energetic, creating more space between the figurative molecules and losing more of its physical form. Following the onion metaphor, all things grow out of our mental body into the other bodies. The thoughts, emotions and feelings turn into denser energies. And the energies turn into mass. Our physical bodies form a highly crystallised state of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. This makes it so important to learn how to control your mental faculties. Everything else manifests out of it! #### Understanding The Power Of Our Mind By reasoning from the core to the outer layer, it becomes easy to see how we are created from the source. That our mind controls our energies and physique. We rule our body, and our body doesn't rule us. Truly understanding this notion is what gives you full control over your physical reality and experience. Through our thoughts and internal visioning, we're able to access the deep knowledge sheath, or the wisdom body. ##### The Wisdom Body This body represents the fourth layer of the Panchakoshamodel. This sheath is completely formless and just a sea of information. It represents the higher mind, the faculty of wisdom, which lies underneath the processing, thinking, and reactive mind. This is the level of our being, that has the higher wisdom to guide us through life and lead us to higher and higher levels of truth and integration. Which allows us to experience a deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us. This is the medium through which the Source makes contact with its bodies. ##### The Bliss Body The inner core, the ecstasy sheath, is simply pure bliss and unity. Not bliss in the sense of emotions, such as happiness or pleasure, but an expanded, unbounded experience of reality. Experiencing the bliss body is an experience of the deepest level of our being, an unbounded, blissful state of peace, joy, and love. The Source that connects everything. #### Making Ourselves Whole Again We should work on healing all aspects of our entire being to make ourselves whole again. In Yoga, healing your thoughts is done through developing a proper meditation practice. Working with your emotions is done through breath work, also called Pranayama practice. And working on your physical body with yoga postures, or Asana practice. A common misconception is that practising Yoga is solely done through the Asanas, but Pranayama and Meditation should be developed in unison just as much. That is of course, if you intend to clean up your connection with Source. You could imagine a channel through the different layers in the model to reach the well or the source. One should keep that channel unclogged for a clear connection. Unclogging the channel can be likened to healing the different bodies, or making ourselves whole again. Once you've healed the physical, energy and mental bodies you're able to maintain the clearest communication with the Source. Opening up the floodgates to let itself express through you. #### Our Deeper Purpose The unique way that Source is supposed to express itself through you is what can be understood as one's deeper purpose. It had me doubting to use "divine" as a prefix for purpose. The same way Gregor Maehle refers to it. But expected it might be too triggering for atheists. The divine purpose can also be understood as a higher calling. But then again a "calling" could seem like somebody, a physical almighty god-like deity, is calling you. Besides that, I think it would be most helpful to stay in line with the onion metaphor. Going deeper to the core, layer by layer, inside yourself. So let's just take all potential triggers away, and make this book more congruent by calling it a "deeper purpose". Everybody's deeper purpose consists of two parts, a generic part and a specific part. #### Our Deeper Purpose In general The general theme is easy to determine based on what's covered in the previous chapters. In seeing that everything (humans, animals, plants, microbes, rivers, mountains, forests, oceans etc.) is a fractal expression of the Source, it's easy to understand that it is all in service to each other. To keep on progressing in expressing, or evolving. Like cogs grappling with each other to keep the machine going. Since we humans are the most intelligent and advanced life forms, we become the agents of this evolution and will fulfil this duty most effectively in peace and harmony with all the other fractal expressions. **So that's our general deeper purpose: being an agent of spiritual evolution, peace and harmony on this planet.** But since every fractal expression is also inherently unique we'll all have our way of how we're supposed to contribute to this symphony of life. #### Everybody's Unique Contribution Which comes down to the specific part of your deeper purpose. Everybody has a unique set of skills and interests through which they can express themselves and contribute to the creative nature of evolution. You just need to identify these skills and interests. That's how simple it is. **Your deeper purpose is being an agent of spiritual evolution, peace and harmony through your unique skills and interests.** But as simple as it may sound, it amounts to no less than a spiritual revolution to get everybody on board with this. Because especially the generic part is what the world is most divided on. Through the plethora of religions with their own stories and belief systems around the source of creation. It's humanity's collective deeper purpose to see past those apparent differences, help each other to see how everything is connected, and live in love and harmony with each and everything. #### The Worlds Religions But are all these religions actually that different from each other? In the "Sourcebook of the World's Religions" by Joel Beversluis, a very concise list of eight points of similarities is presented. Which are found in the dialogue between a group of spiritual teachers from a variety of world religions. Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Native American, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholic. I will quote the eight points exactly as presented in the book. But instead of "Source", the book uses "Ultimate Reality". And instead of "fractal expression", they use "human condition". So just mentally replace these words and you won't be able to deny the similarities with everything mentioned so far. 1. The world religions bear witness to the experience of Ultimate Reality to which they give various names: Brahman, Allah, Absolute, God, Great Spirit. 2. Ultimate Reality cannot be limited by any name or concept. 3. Ultimate Reality is the ground of infinite potentiality and actualisation. 4. Faith is opening, accepting, and responding to Ultimate Reality. Faith in this sense precedes every belief system. 5. The potential for human wholeness-- or in other frames of reference, enlightenment, salvation, transformation, blessedness, nirvana-- is present in every human being. 6. Ultimate Reality may be experienced not only through religious practices but also through nature, art, human relationships, and service to others. 7. As long as the human condition is experienced as separate from Ultimate Reality, it is subject to ignorance and illusion, weakness and suffering. 8. Disciplined practice is essential to the spiritual life; yet spiritual attainment is not the result of the experience of one's own efforts. but the result of the experience of oneness with Ultimate Reality. Pretty striking huh!? It was through a beautiful synchronicity that I stumbled on this list at exactly the moment I needed it for writing this book. More on synchronicities in the Chapter [[How Synchronicities Work]]. The eighth point is also exactly where I wanted to pick things back up. It states that disciplined practice is essential for spiritual attainment. In other words, one needs to develop a disciplined practice. to reach a level of consciousness that makes you see the generic part of everybody's deeper purpose. A practice of healing, a practice of regaining wholeness. Which has to happen on the three different bodies we discussed. Of which the most important one is meditation, which is working with the mental sheath. Because, as discussed, through your mental body, you can indirectly transform your emotional and physical body. As they grow out of each other, starting from the core, like an onion. Later on, we will delve deeper into that higher-level consciousness that is required to attain, before you can start working towards your deeper purpose. Right now we will explain a few more basic concepts about the nature of our reality.