To understand what is meant by turning inward we first need to get a bit of context around this kind of knowledge. #### Ancient Wisdom Schools There are all kinds of different wisdom schools that talk about these things. Like Hermeticism in Western cultures, Yoga philosophy in India, Qi Gong in China, Zen in Japan, Mayan philosophy in Latin America and many more. All over the world, ancient civilisations were occupying themselves with this knowledge. Which was generally perceived not to be for the average public. So it remained hidden ("occult" in Latin), in closed circles for a small group of people (which is the definition of esoteric), with all kinds of local traditions around them. A lot has been written about these things ever since these ancient civilisations were wiped out of existence. The knowledge has been passed on through countless books. Which mostly speak in symbolism to which one has to be initiated to fully understand. #### The Good And Bad Side Of The Internet The internet has played a major role in connecting researchers of this symbolism. Helping each other to further their understanding without being part of any secret society. This of course also means that a lot of nonsense is finding its way around these topics. Which is heavily muddying the waters. Countless charlatans and scam artists have taken parts of this knowledge and manipulated it for personal gains. So it takes a trained eye to discern between all of it. There's most probably also a coordinated effort at play to sow confusion around this knowledge. But this book is not going to concern itself with conspiracy theories. Simply because it's not necessary, but we'll go into that later on. Right now I will present my synthesis of knowledge around what it means to be connected with everything. I will explain it in my own words because in a way all these wisdom teachings are saying the same thing. I've selected these words carefully to ensure I don't trigger any dogmatic belief systems. I'm trying to make my explanations as unifying as possible. #### The Layers Of An Onion A good way to approach this question is through a layered model, kind of like an onion. Peeling away each layer of existence will get you deeper to the core. The core is where everything grows out from, "The Source". That is what is considered divine, cosmic or universal consciousness, the formless absolute. This is what everyone talks about when they mean we're all one, or we're all connected. Because we are so at the very deepest levels of our existence. ![[Layered Onion.jpeg]] #### The Outer Layer By going up through the layers of the onion, the different planes of existence get increasingly more fragmented. Things become seemingly more unconnected. In which the physical plane, with our physical body, has the most fragmented experience. But these physical things are simply fragmented expressions of the same core level of existence. We experience it as if everything is separated from each other. #### The Core But in reality, everything is a unique expression from the same core, or source. In this book, I've chosen to go with the word Source to describe this formless level of existence. But there are many different ways people can refer to this. Names such as Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Intelligence, The Original Spirit or God. I went with "Source" because it is short and least likely to conflict with someone's belief system. #### Unique In Appearance, Unified In The Core So on the physical plane, we all are purely unique, with our own identity and experience of reality. Everybody with their challenges to grow through and heal. One should take care of its physical body to render it a more perfect instrument. An instrument through which they can also experience the deeper levels. This is my attempt to give the most concise answer to the question of how everything is connected. We will refer to the onion model, and build upon it, a lot more in the coming chapters. So you'll become much more familiar with it. And see how handy it is to explain these concepts very comprehensively. Let's start with [[How Source Expresses Itself Through Us]]